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“We wanted to thank you guys personally, for the first-class job you did on our marketing video.

“It was clear from the beginning, that Jonas and his team were experts in their field and that we were going to be getting a better than the average marketing video – and we were not disappointed with the results!

“The feedback we got from Jonas’s video was total knockout and it got more shares than we thought possible. But better than that, those shares translated into likes on our Facebook page, which did also turn into sales at the end of the day – what it is all about!

“We are definitely going to use Jonas and his team again and recommend him to anyone looking for a professional quality video.”

Anita and Darren Turnbull, Turnbull Attorneys.

“Jonas and the crew gave up their free time to make these series of videos promoting Montford Women’s Aid. They didn’t have to and they didn’t get paid for the job.

“But the results were just what we needed and it is obvious that they are consummate professionals at what they do. And they really helped us raise money for the facility.

“We can’t say thank you enough for the help that they have given us.”

Edie Johnson, Montford Women’s Aid.


“Our residents were thrilled with the job that you did on their promotional video and the professionalism shown throughout.

“It made such a difference to them, to see themselves represented in such a thoughtful and careful manner on screen.

“It is clear that this team feel passionate about their projects and really go the extra mile to make sure they are happy and their clients are happy too.”

Janette Newley, Berkley Housing Project Support Manager.


“Just a word of thanks, to Jonas and the team for all their hard work on our school community project.

“Hiring the professionals was something that we weren’t sure about initially and were worried that a professional team wouldn’t understand us and what we were about.

“We needn’t have worried, because they got on board with our students and really understood what it was that they wanted putting across.

“There were no egos and no dramas, throughout the whole process, Jonas is obviously a very talented director and his team worked in harmony to create our film, which was received well by everyone.

“All of us would like to say thanks for the work they did on our project.”

Marc Du Pont, Dean, Fulford High School.


“Jonas and the crew worked amazingly fast on our video marketing feature. The whole thing was devised, created, written and filmed within 24 hours and the production process was also very fast.

“In less than three days we had a marketing video which went viral, very quickly.

“The speed and the professionalism of this agency is amazing – can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Alistair Menzies, CEO Menzies and Menzies.